Nanette Gordon

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Trust your pets with Nanette, a decision you will never regret !

Your pets deserve the best. My personal, professional and pampered pet sitting, dog wallking and cat sitting services are the ultimate in pet care. Call in advance to place your reservations.

Hello and Thanks for Visiting !

Greetings and welcome to my world.  I live in gorgeous Boca Raton, Florida since I relocated from

New York City in 2002.   There is so much to do here and nearby that there is never a dull moment. Boca Raton and southeast Florida offer the best of coastal living, luxury dining and shopping, leisure and spa activities, recreation, sports, culture, arts and entertainment. 

When I am not enjoying my leisure time, you might find me taking care of dogs and cats with my personal pet care business.  Check out my professional and exceptional pet sitting services at Nanette's Pampered Pets . Sign up on the contact page to receive pet care tips and and coming soon - pet care products and accessories!  

When I am not working,  I am hanging out in Mizner Park or Royal Palm Place, eating at the best restaurants or shopping in the coolest stores.  Learn more about the wonderful offerings in Boca Raton at my website Boca Raton Concierge.  When you join, you will find out where to find the best of everything in Boca and beyond. Like my favorite Bikram hot yoga studio, the newest juice and organic coffee hotspots, the best in beauty, spa and waxing sensations and hottest places to shop. 

Protect your most important investment - your home - with the services of a qualified and experienced house sitter. Great for snowbirds, seasonal residents and real estate investors. We monitor your home with frequent house checks to make sure your beautiful home is safe and sound.