Nanette Gordon

Greetings and thank you for visiting!

I was born at The Flower Fifth Avenue Hospital on the upper east side of Manhattan about 50 years ago and transplanted to the tropical Gold Coast of southeast Florida in 2002.  I reside in a comfortable condominium apartment on the barrier island of Boca Raton, nestled between the ocean, Intracoastal Waterway and a lake. 

On the following pages I will share my current passions and previous pursuits.

The purpose of this personal website is to share that my love of God and relationship with Jesus has enhanced my life to a degree that I am able to create, flourish and help others  while illustrating my particular gifts. By spreading joy with inspirational writing and creative works of art based on my view of the beauty that surrounds me, I hope to glorify God and encourage others to begin their new journey of faith and relationship and bond with Jesus.

My other interests are supporting traditional family protection and conservative policy legislation and elected officials, and writing about what is happening in the city I live in, Boca Raton. You can follow me on Facebook at Boca Raton Republicans and Boca Raton Concierge.